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Backby’s co-operation with Coaching Partner helps companies to strengthen their success factors and enhance the well-being of the workplace community. Our shared mission is to have skilled employees who are doing fine; such employees have a key role in the success of the work.

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Coaching skills for the life of work as a success factor of the workplace community

A solution-focused, coaching approach is an increasingly important skill and operating model in the current life of work. Why is that?

Because change is present in everything and needs to be managed with skill so that you and your business can succeed. Before all, contemporary leaders are expected to have the ability to coach and motivate others and possess increasingly advanced skills to lead people. This coaching provides an introduction to the coaching theory, basic training in coaching skills and practical exercises of the coaching skills learned. You will realise how important it is to know coaching skills and how to utilise them in the workplace community. The training can be tailored for supervisors only or for the entire team with a supervisor.

Colour profiling and understanding difference as a success factor in the workplace community

This coaching introduces the participants to the ideas presented in Thomas Erikson’s famous books “Surrounded by Idiots” and “Surrounded by Poor Bosses”.

The coaching advances the participants’ self-knowledge and uses the tools of colour profiling to improve their ability to understand their own and others’ behaviour and to develop interaction in the workplace community. Each participant draws up a colour profile of themselves according to the coach’s instructions.

The goal is to give the participants more self-knowledge, make them understand their own strengths and identify their own areas for development, while at the same time increase their understanding of others. During the coaching, the participants learn to describe their own behaviour and issues in a particular situation and create a personal development plan. The participants are introduced to how to adapt their own behaviour in a situation where they encounter someone else (who perhaps behaves differently) – be it a colleague, a supervisor or a customer. This coaching also gives the participants insights into other aspects of life.

Solution focus and job satisfaction as a success factor of the workplace community

In this coaching, we either work on the results of the organisation’s own job satisfaction and well-being survey to prepare an action plan for a better future, or we use the results of an anonymous online survey pre-arranged by Coaching Partner.

The exercises and workshop make the team members realise their own opportunities to influence their personal comfort, functioning and atmosphere of trust and those of the workplace community.

The goal in coaching is to work together to create an action plan that improves job satisfaction and that everyone wants to commit themselves to. The participants realise and deal with the thoughts and feelings that are related to the situation in their own workplace community. After the coaching, the participants assume responsibility and solve challenges both as individuals and as a team, which improves team spirit and enhances motivation. The coaching ensures that everyone is heard and seen.

Mira Silvonen

Mira Silvonen

  • Executive and Team Coach and Coaching Partner
  • Head of Work Supervision and Coaching Network of HENRY (Association of HR Managers and Professionals)
  • LCAF Certified Coach®
  • LCAF Team Coach®

Mira has years of experience in sales and marketing management positions. She has worked for a long period of time as a marketing manager in an international listed company and as the country manager of Finland for a Swedish family business. In addition to solid marketing expertise, Mira also has experience in managing various crisis situations in the life of work. Mira has the ability to take a strong start to a task and deliver results down to detail, without forgetting the humane approach. Mira has received great feedback for her coaching from organisations such as Attendo, HUS, Eteva, MARK Finnish Marketing Association and other customers including training organisations, the brewing industry, Contact Center, telecommunications, public services, the construction industry, consulting, advertising and media agencies, Guides and Scouts of Finland, the financial sector, trade unions and Human Resource.

Leader – you bring the challenge, we find the solution and the toolbox.

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