BODY AND MIND – A light exercise for the whole body and mind – suitable for everyone. Includes body-restoring movements and body-opening stretches, which increase mobility. Stopping for a moment to focus on breathing. Conscious breathing has immediate effects on the calming and recovery of the nervous system. The exercise ends with a meditative ‘moment of your own’. 45 min

NORDIC WALKING – Nordic walking is a type of outdoor exercise suited to all, taken in fresh air. It is possible to combine stretching and mobility exercises in connection with the walk. With the guidance of an instructor and by using the correct Nordic walking technique, you can develop your own endurance training and improve the functioning of your respiratory and circulatory system, in other words aerobic fitness. Nordic walking is easy, fun and effective exercise together with others. It is also an inspiring way to have a meeting! 45 min

CIRCUIT TRAINING – Circuit training involves 6 to 12 movements, which utilise, among other things, the body’s own weight, kettlebells and exercise balls. It is suitable for all, and everyone can do their own exercises according to their own condition. The movements can be customised to suit everyone. An effective and brisk form of exercise that develops endurance and muscle fitness. You will need a bottle of water and a sweat towel! 45 min

PILATES – An exercise that develops body control, with breathing having a key role in doing the movements. Pilates is surprisingly effective, and you may not even break into a sweat or breathe heavily during your workout. It is suitable for everyone, and no previous Pilates experience is required. Pilates creates the foundation for healthy and balanced movement. 45 min

GYROKINESIS® – A method in which the workout is mostly done while sitting on a chair and/or on a carpet on the floor. The method is especially suitable for those who sit during their work, those who do a lot of computer work or people who need more mobility and rotations in their body. The exercises stretch the body’s various muscle membranes (fascias), stimulating, among others, the nervous system and hence increasing overall energy. The neck, shoulder and back muscles are worked on, and the method benefits both office workers and top athletes. 45 min

ASAHI – Asahi is a type of health exercise developed in Finland, suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical condition. It is a simple, holistic and effective health exercise that helps you maintain your physical health and mental balance. The movements in Asahi are calm and done at the pace of slow breathing. The workout is done while standing, and Asahi does not require any equipment. We get to know the basic movements that allow us to systematically open and relax our entire body. 45 min

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